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Tara Vetrulli

Heather Heim

I have over 7 years experience perfecting my craft as an optician. During those years I've developed a knack for matching an individual to the perfect frame. I coordinate eyewear to each individuals' lifestyle, personality and personal style by utilizing my keen eye for fashion and unique understanding of people. I have a sincere passion for building relationships with patients and make the process of choosing frames personal and fun.

My appreciation for aesthetics lends itself perfectly to knowing what looks best on an individual depending on their personal style and vibe. I take pride in my work and have a natural way of making our patients feel at home here with us at Your Eyes Center. In my spare time I enjoy art, photography, fashion and spending time with my family and two little dogs.

Ella Shvartsman

Ella Shvartman

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. I make sure you have the best view! 👀😎👀
Started my career as an Optician 1996. Gratefully, knew in the first week that I found my calling.

For the past two decades my job is to enpower you through your vision, that you can see the beautiful moments that make up your life.
Finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses always feels so natural to me. There is an indescribable satisfaction I experience when dispensing a pair of perfectly fitting eyeglasses or sunglasses. Enabling our community to have the best sight is my reward.

I am passionate about improving patients vision and ensuring that they receive the highest level of care. Your satisfaction is the only measurement of my success.

I'm most inspired by people that go after thier dreams and achieve thier goals. In my free time I enjoy all the arts and sharing that gift with my daughter. Drawing, painting, writing, music, dance to list a few! I love all the beautiful things in life.

Can speak four languages, five if you count insurance as a language of its own. Lol.. English, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew. Well versed in all the insurance companies. Will be happy to take care of claim submission on your behalf.

Looking forward to meeting you and your family! Call or stop in today for your annual eye exam and/or eyeglass and prescription sunglass fitting.